The History of the Black Man

The History of the Black Man is an authentic collection of historical information on the creation of man, early civilization, and  African people who are a part of the structure of the United States of America.  Born in captivity in the eighteen hundreds, Rev. Joseph Julius Jackson, D.D. overcame the hurdle of being bought and sold to become farmer, researcher, author, and heritage cultivator. The text celebrates the blessings, memories and sacrifices ancestors made for our advancement and elevation. Learn the heroic story of all people – beginning with the Black Man and all who descend from Africa – including YOU!

“Every black boy, girl, woman, and man should receive a copy of this book at some point in their lifetime. There is nothing more powerful than knowledge of self and imagine gaining that knowledge from those who look like us? The past is speaking to our present, preparing us for our future. “The History of the Black Man” is not only Black history, not only American history…this is World history. Put some respect on our names. Put some respect on our legacy. Put some respect on our journey. Put some respect on our progress. Black people managed to get as far as we have with our history being distorted and hidden from us. Imagine what we can do when we learn who we really are, where we really came from, and what we are really capable of. It is my hope that the History of the Black Man is a staple in Black households. It’s necessary! The ancestors have provided us a blueprint. It is up to us to use it. I am grateful! Let’s get to work and let’s get uncomfortable.”  -Black Like Vanilla

Every Person Read -Joseph Julius Jackson, D.D. Free Now